September ILUG Meeting

September ILUG Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Greg Fastabend


  1. 2016 Festival of Trees
    27 Nov, 2016
    2016 Festival of Trees
    This year we participated for the first time in the St. Alphonsus Festival of Trees.  We had over 30,000 Lego brick available for the kids to use for free play and a ton of Christmas MOCs on display.  Thousands of people were in attendance over the several days of the event.  thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make this happen! More pictures available here:[email protected]/albums/72157676969723202
  2. The Bishop's House Open Parlors Event
    12 Nov, 2016
    The Bishop's House Open Parlors Event
    This month we started off with a display at the Bishop's House next to the Old Penitentiary.   Many or our members participated  and everyone loved the exhibit.  It was  a great start to the holiday season.
  3. October ILUG Meeting
    13 Oct, 2016
    October ILUG Meeting
    It's Halloween and out monthly meeting had a fair amount of ghosts and goblins.
  4. The Lego Tower is Complete!
    30 Aug, 2016
    The Lego Tower is Complete!
    The Lego Tower is Done! 20,700 1x2 bricks and a whole lot of imagination. We have added the last panels built at the BPL ComiCon (we had builders going until the last minute!) and the tower is complete. Audience and LUG members (and Iron man and Godzilla) spent 7 hours assembling rows and panels to build an incredibly colorful 7' tower of 1x2 awesomeness.  Covered in patters and pop-culture iconography the tower was a fun project for everyone involved.  It includes a bunch of Pokeballs,
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